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Episode 1 – Intro to the Profit Stacks Framework

    Many companies know that IT is important but see it as a necessary cost and unable to link their technology to their business goals. The Profit Stacks Framework allows them to do that. Transcription Hi, my name is Greg Clarkson. I’m the CEO of Network Overdrive. And this series of videos is designed to help you understand how IT powers profits. Network Overdrive is different to other technology companies because we have the

Episode 2 – I.T. Shouldn’t be a Cost

    Why Profit Stacks Framework was created Transcription This program came into being, because we’ve been helping businesses for 20 years now and we’ve seen businesses spend money on technology and not see the results that they want, and we hate doing that. We hate not delivering value, not seeing results. My experience of businesses is that they already now believe that technology can make a difference in their business, perhaps 10 years ago

Episode 3 – Turning I.T. from a Cost to a Profit

    Business’ typically see technology as a cost centre because they don’t know how it relates to their key business goals. The Profit Stacks Framework can help to fix this. Transcription Typically, business owners see technology as a cost centre because they don’t know how technology relates to the key essential goals they have for their business, and so they just put in the financials below the line as operating expense. But once a business

Episode 4 – The Profit Stacks Framework explained

    Ever wondered what the Profit Stacks Framework really is? Greg Clarkson goes into more detail on how it can make a difference in a business. Transcription So the five areas of the profit stacks framework came out of the last 20 years of experience that we’ve been having working with businesses. It’s come out of the challenges that businesses are talking to us about and we decided that we could probably group all

Why we love your I.T. more than you do

Ever wondered what Network Overdrive really does? Greg Clarkson shares a simple analogy that reveals why Network Overdrive really does love your I.T more than you.

IT Solutions for Real Estate

Our aim is to help you become a strong competitor in the real estate sector – offering the best IT support for your company. In this video, managing director of Network Overdrive, explains the ways in which we can real estate business’ thrive with the right I.T. support.

IT Solutions for Healthcare

  When your top priority is the welfare of your patients – the last thing you want to happen is a failure in your IT systems. Our managing director, Greg, explains how Network Overdrive is a great choice for professional medical and healthcare IT support.

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