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Managed IT support engineered to optimize business productivity

Imagine your business optimized for high performance?

In your business you would see:

You deserve a business like this.

  • Imagine if your team got their whole job done every day?  
  • Imagine how motivated and committed they would be.

Get IT Support that not just fixes problems, but drives performance in your business

It is affordable and will make a difference

50% of Businesses are losing revenue due to poorly performing IT systems and applications!!!

  • Recent research shows some Australian  businesses are be losing up to 12.5 hours per person, per week as a result of their tech.
  • That means a business with 100 staff could be losing millions of dollars in productivity a year – because their IT Support doesn’t fit their business.
  • Where and how are YOU losing productivity? 
Productivity gets lost when a problem occurs and people don’t know who to call.  So they waste time working out who to call, or they interrupt their coworkers, or they work around the problem, or they just put up with it. 
Productivity gets lost when people are hesitant to call because they’ll have to get authorisation or incur an extra expense. So they put up with problems or they waste time getting authorisation –  often while the problem gets bigger. 

Productivity gets massively lost around assets and equipment  – printers, ISPs, POS, computers.  Confusion and9 frustration abounds around assets and vendors and communication. 

Productivity gets lost without good management processes that enable fast responses that get people back to work. 

Productivity gets lost without effective Problem Management, Monitoring and Analysis.   Without good tools and processes, recurring issues get missed and small problems turn into big breakdowns.

Productivity gets lost without good vendor and 3rd party management for suppliers, software and communications.  Without good vendor management time gets wasted,  blame gets shifted and frustration multiplies. 

Business is full of people trying to use technology the best way they know how.

But without the right IT Support, “trying” leads to chaos, frustration, wasted time and lost productivity.

And it gets worse! The wrong IT Support costs businesses way more than they may realise…


The hidden costs of the wrong IT support

The wrong IT support leads to unproductive, unreliable technology – and the cost is much more than just stressed, grumpy staff and less work done each day.

High staff turnover

As frustrated staff leave, knowledge leaks out of your organisation. Procedures get lost and productivity takes a further nose dive. You’re forever training new people.

Lower quality workforce

Unproductive IT systems actively reduce the QUALITY of your workforce. The best people leave because they’re too good to tolerate rubbish systems.

The people who stay are the people who can tolerate being unproductive – they’ll accept second best. (And some will be quite happy to have a reason not to work too hard. )

With unproductive systems, you’re likely to experience increased staff turnover – turnover of the BEST people you have.

A degraded reputation

Everyone understands an occasional computer problem. However, if that’s your business “normal”, you could well be losing customers.

If your staff are constantly struggling with your systems, and having to tell your customers “Sorry, I’m just waiting for the system” – then your reputation degrades. Customers will get tired of constant excuses and their loyalty will drop away.

Your reputation with your customers will suffer and so will customer loyalty.

How do you know your IT Support isn't limiting your business?

Are you losing productivity to inadequate support? The wrong Managed Services Provider (MSP) Agreement can create a black hole of lost productivity: 

These are common signs that your business has outgrown your current  IT support. 

How do you engineer High-Performance IT support that drives business productivity?

Single Point Support Desk

An effective support desk that people WANT to call that features: 

  • A single point of contact for ALL issues. 
  • A stable support team resourced with skilled IT consultants who know your business and your people. 
  • A fixed-price support contract that removes cost and authorisation roadblocks

Incident, Change & Problem Management

Clearly defined processes for: 

  • Incident management to get people back to work fast 
  • Change management to deal with changes to staff, roles and equipment 
  • Problem management and analysis  to identify and resolve recurring issues.

Asset and Vendor Management

Good asset and vendor management with: 

  • All  supported assets are documented and registered 
  • All vendors, contracts and contacts identified 
  • Experienced support technicians managing the process, minimising disruption to your business

SOP / SOE Documentation

A single point of reference for how you do business with:: 

  • A library of SOPs for all business functions – developed over time – which clearly identifies business processes and supporting technology. 
  • Standard Operating Environment definitions that build you a strong technology foundation.

Monitoring and Analysis

Capacity/Trend/Performance Monitoring and Analysis of 

  • Applications 
  • Network inc WAN, WIFI 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Internet performance 
  • Cloud performance


We make sure you will  have the right communications systems, integrated to maximise your productivity and performance: 

  • Communication integration 
  • Messaging  
  • Collaboration platforms 
  • Email Services 

Performance Technology is One of Three Drivers for Business Success

High-Performance IT Support is not enough on its own to drive business success in today’s world. For your business to succeed and make best use of technology, you need to have technology delivering results in three areas:




Analyse the costs and services you’re paying for – either from a Managed Service Provider or your Internal IT Resources – in these three specific areas:

  1. Technology Support Services that maximise performance and productivity.
  2. Technology Innovation Platforms and Processes that generate ongoing Innovation and Improvement opportunities.
  3. Technology Security Services that offers Secure Cyber Protection and Visible Assurance to you and your customers.

Increase your profitability with the right investment in: 1. Innovation 2. Performance 3. Security
Engineered specifically for Australian mid-size business.

Businesses with all-in-one IT Services Agreements often find out the hard way that:

  1.  All three areas are covered – BUT only in a mediocre way; or
  2.  One or two areas are covered but the third is almost completely ignored – to their detriment; or
  3. Other technology services that they DON’T actually need are included. If you’re paying for technology services that don’t easily fit the three core services then ask yourself why you are paying for them!!

When you manage each success driver separately,  you can choose how to deliver each one. You can tune each driver to your business needs. You might outsource one area and do the others internal

How do you know what to manage?

Download our in-depth guide to managing the three technology success drives – with it you can assess your current IT support and find out whether your technology is truly driving your business success (or is costing you  more money than it enables you to earn).

Innovation delivers when it’s driven by the metrics of High-Performance IT Support.

Innovation –  and particularly  Digital Transformation – can’t be done well as a “background activity” included in an all-in-one MSP contract.  Successful business innovation needs specific skills along with a managed process based on concrete evidence.. 

Quality High-Performance IT Support should automatically deliver a catalogue of opportunities for both ongoing operational improvements and big digital transformation.  

To get the full productivity benefits of digital transformation, you need a structured innovation process and management focus, supported by canny project managers and up-to-date product specialists.. 

As your business improvement projects succeed, your staff will shift from frustration, resentment and resistance to acceptance and active engagement. 

Bundling Cyber Security with Operational IT support is risky for your business

Many IT Managed Service Providers still roll “security” in with other IT services – delivered by the same people doing customer support.

This was plausible ten years ago – but now global organised crime has created hacking as an industry.  SPAM emails are engineered by psychological experts and state actors are sponsoring ransomware developers. 

Cybersecurity today is a specialist, rapidly developing service requiring direct management from security specialists. It takes expertise in the latest technology (such as artificial intelligence and big data) combined with multi-organisation collective defence strategies. 

Our Technology Security services leverage leading technology and specialist security platforms. This means you can develop high levels of security and protection from the latest technology without an eye-watering price tag. 

If your Technology Security is focused on firewalls and filters and bundled into your general Support then it may have gaping holes that threaten your business future.

Get high-return technology solutions from a stable, friendly, professional team

We want to make the right IT happen for Australian mid-sized businesses – technology that increases your productivity and your results. Everything we do has been engineered to drive your business performance. 

If something doesn’t enhance your productivity then we won’t offer it to you. 

An expert, diverse team with certified skills and broad experience 

Our skilled team of IT consultants – technology guardians, sages and wizards – are Microsoft and Cisco Certified Business Professionals.  Their combined experiences gives us the diversity and depth to  deliver a level of expertise and understanding beyond that of small in-house teams and micro-business IT agencies.

Direct access, friendly customer-based teams

We organise our people into multi-skilled teams, and assign each team to support a set of specific customers.   That means that you get to know them and they get to know your business. You won’t be dealing with a stranger – the person who answers the phone will be a fixer, not an anonymous phone operator.
We select our people for their people skills, not just their technology expertise – so you get support from experts who “speak business”.
Our people stay with us for years, developing an in-depth understanding of your business productivity needs and your people. 

Deep investment in supportive technology and infrastructure 

At Network Overdrive, we invest in our technology and systems – as well as our people.  (And it’s not just because great tools keep our best people productive.)

We constantly scan for, test and apply leading edge performance monitoring and security technology in our own systems and on behalf of our customers.

The result is a carefully selected set of innovative systems and services  that deliver our customers significant performance advantages using the latest in wireless, network, Cloud and other leading edge technologies.

We have a Global IT Service Desk ready for when you take your business to the world

Our customers are mostly Australian businesses, but more and more of them are “punching above their weight”  and taking their business to the world.   

They might manufacture in Asia and distribute across Europe and the US – but they still call Australia home. They want support that suits their needs AND they want it from people who actually understand how to do business from Australia into Asia, Europe and the US. 

Our Global Service Desk supports Australian businesses with global operations and global ambition.

Our customers are mostly Australian businesses, but more and more of them are “punching above their weight”  and taking their business to the world.   

They might manufacture in Asia and distribute across Europe and the US – but they still call Australia home. They want support that suits their needs AND they want it from people who actually understand how to do business from Australia into Asia, Europe and the US. 

Our Global Service Desk supports Australian businesses with global operations and global ambition.

Introducing the
Three Foundations for Business Success

In short, it’s about taking one small step with your IT, to create a giant leap for your business.

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