Data Backup and Recovery

Secure your data for piece of mind.

Network Overdrive’s server data storage and recovery services provide access to lost data, or data that has become corrupted on the server. Implementing a cloud backup is amongst the smartest investments a business can make, as it protects not only data of your business operations; but also the data of clients.  

All data is backed up to secure, redundant offsite cloud storage facilities. This eliminates common issues inherent in faulty media, unsecured data, unreliable recovery, and the cost maintenance surrounding these problems.

By using Acronis True Image, an image-based backup software, we can restore systems in about an hour, even to dissimilar hardware.

Supported operating systems

Network Overdrive primarily specialises in the MS Window Server, but also support other network operating systems, such as Linux and OSX.

What you can expect:

  • Daily cloud backup of data on mutually-agreed servers
  • Server data storage on a fault tolerant, expandable device (may need to be provisioned)
  • Secure data archiving
  • Analysis of audit reports and backup logs regularly to ensure backups are executing properly
  • Working with you in the event of a server failure to restore data to a repaired or replacement server through high-level data protection services

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