Data Recovery (DRaaS)

Forget about the worry of data loss with our Data Recovery as a Service business options

Disasters happen, both natural and manmade. Buildings burn down, hackers hack and computers and network systems fail. When your business is hit with the worst, you want to ensure your data is safe and you can get everything back up and running as fast and as smoothly as possible.

Network Overdrive’s Disaster Recovery as a Service can ensure your data is backed up, accessible and restored as soon as you’re ready to resume business as usual.

Some Quick Statistics

Statistics released by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council in their 2014 report have estimated around 75% of companies worldwide do not have adequate Disaster Recovery.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, 36% of businesses will experience the loss of critical applications, VMs or data files for a number of hours, and 20% will lose them for a matter of days.

As a result of such downtime, companies have reported financial losses ranging from between $50,000 to over $5 million, all for a lack of an actionable disaster recovery plan.

What’s Involved?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) involves reliable strategies focused on ensuring your critical I.T. systems can be restored without loss to your data and profits. Through the replication of your servers to redundant servers offsite, you’re ensured everything you need for your business to function is retrievable when you need it.

Your company’s data and your client’s important information can be automatically backed up to off-site servers, accessible when and if you need it.

We will consult with you to determine the needs of your business and its DR plan so disruptions are kept to a minimum when the unexpected happens.

Network Overdrive offers premium solutions for Data Recovery as a Service, affording you peace of mind that should your systems fail and your data be lost, we can restore that data and have your business back on its feet within the hour with minimal loss of time or data.

What you can expect:
  • Automatic daily backup of your data to remote, mutually-agreed on servers
  • Server data storage and archiving
  • Working with you in the event of a server failure to restore data to a repaired or replacement server

We can design and deliver dedicated DRaaS package perfectly tailored to your business’s needs.

Contact Network Overdrive today to ensure you’re not one of the 36% percent hardest hit.[

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What our customers say

As financial planners we are big advocates of reviewing our clients situation on a regular basis and are consistently able to add great value to them in doing so. Likewise, with regards to our IT systems, we have recently moved onto an ongoing service agreement with Network Overdrive and have been benefiting from the value added to our business through proactive management of our systems including disaster recovery planning, server and computer performance reports, regular on site visits, maintenance of systems, IT planning and more.

One of the biggest value adds for us in this move to an ongoing service agreement with Network Overdrive has been the way in which all staff now deal directly with NetOD’s support team instead of first referring IT issues to an internal IT Manager.

This has had the effect of significantly reducing the internal effort and time spent managing our IT systems and reacting to IT related problems. This enables us to focus on what we’re good at – helping our clients make smart decisions about their money and personal affairs!

Scott Mitton
RI Advice Group Pty Ltd

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