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Strategic Alignment of IT

 Where IT meets sustainable business goals
We deliver strategic initiatives that actively improve business IT alignment and I.T. effectiveness.
As your trusted IT advisors, we will help you achieve the highest return possible on every initiative and focus area. Often Information and Computer Technology (ICT) can be a large cost, a source of frustration and low staff morale, and provide little value to the operations of the Business. Alternatively, ICT is often the strategic difference that allows a business to succeed. Research by organisations such as Gartner, Intel, the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University have demonstrated that the more formalized and mature a Businesses’ ICT management processes become, the closer ICT investments are aligned with the business and the more value is derived from those investments.
CIO Essential
Our CIO Essential Solution is designed to leverage the strategic value of CIO services in a cost-effect package. Have a review of the bundle to see if it is of value to your business.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Services
Often the greatest value we offer is the successful execution of all the key project. Please review the bundle to see what might work in your organisation.

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