Backup (BaaS)

Backing up your company’s data is a must. If your systems crash or your business succumbs to some disaster and your computers and physical records are lost, how vulnerable is the everyday running of your business? How are you going to get back on track and resume business as usual?

Cost-efficient security vs financial ruin

Every hour that your business isn’t operating costs you money and clients.

Network Overdrive’s Backup as a Service can ensure your important data is stored securely, giving you piece of mind should the worst-case scenario happen. All data is stored in secure, redundant offsite facilities, ensuring you’ll never have to deal with faulty media, costly maintenance, compromised or corrupted data or troublesome and complicated recovery processes.

Network Overdrive’s Backup as a Service offers powerful maintenance of your primary resources, so you can be sure all of your vital information is secured offsite.

Around-the-clock protection

Network Overdrive’s BaaS keeps a constant so your client and company records are kept current behind the scenes without your having to worry or labour.

High Availability

Network Overdrive’s BaaS offers highly available, ensuring your data is there when you need it and your business continues as usual with minimal disruption and financial loss.

By using Acronis True Image, an image-based backup software, we can restore systems in about an hour, even to dissimilar hardware.

Supported Operating Systems

Network Overdrive primarily specialises in the MS Window Server, but also support other network operating systems, such as Linux and OSX.

What you can expect:

  • Daily backup of data on mutually-agreed servers
  • Server data storage on a fault tolerant, expandable device (may need to be provisioned)
  • Secure data archiving
  • Checking of audit reports and backup logs regularly to ensure backups are executing properly
  • Working with you in the event of a server failure to restore data to a repaired or replacement server

Important things to note:

Backups are only as good as your recovery

There is no point having good backup systems if it takes you days to recover the files. How much money and opportunities would be lost if your company’s operations were down for a week?

Hindsight won’t help you

The worst time to find out if your backups fail is when you need to restore them.

Imagine thinking you have good backups only to find you don’t when you need the data. You can only be sure if you regularly test your recovery procedures. Use our Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to never have this happen to you.

Backups need to be updated/changed as cloud technology is adopted

Your company’s security rests on you knowing where your important data is located and how to secure and recover it as and when you need to. Companies often have a backup strategy that was good when it was implemented but doesn’t protect their cloud investment or a new server that was added after the backup. Upgrading your software without upgrading your backup strategy leaves you vulnerable to large gaps in your data storage. Backup policies need to be created, checked and updated regularly.

Why trust one busy employee with your business security?

Often businesses ask their administrative staff to swap tapes or take a backup offsite. Is it fair and reasonable to trust them to always remember to do this job? Murphy’s Law dictates that the day you have data loss is the day they forget.

Criminals are using Ransomware to encrypt and corrupt your data AND backups.

An off-site, tamper-proof backup is the only guaranteed way to protect your business from Ransomware attacks.

Network Overdrive’s Services

With all of the above in mind, Network Overdrive offers professional management of your backup AND recovery regime for a fixed monthly price. Outsource to the experts who are capable of taking responsibility for this important but often-neglected aspect of your business.

We can do it right because we offer both onsite or cloud technology depending on your requirements. We will design the perfect solution for your business to ensure minimal impact on your production servers, networks and Internet capacity.

This design will become a backup plan that we will regularly check and update. Our managed backup operations centre is open 24×7 to monitor, plan and test your data protection plans.

Finally we will do monthly restore tests to ensure you are protected.


We are vendor neutral and support a wide range of applications including:

  • Veeam
  • Unitrends
  • Commvault
  • ShadowProtect/Storagecraft
  • Acronis

We can design and deliver dedicated backup storage using Exagrid.

We can design solutions for VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors and physical machines as well as bare-metal and physical to virtual recovery.

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What our partners say

I felt compelled to write this to reaffirm my appreciation and gratitude for the supreme service you and your Team always delivered to my business and my home, and continue to offer handworks, and hopefully to share this with anyone who may be considering using Network Overdrive for their IT needs.

Throughout the six odd years that you took care of my previous business, Network Overdrive and all of its people ensured that our business IT functions always operated smoothly and simply.

We were a design based business in the homewares industry, with 12 computers and 14 ‘not very IT literate’ users; it could not have been your easiest account!

You and Network Overdrive were instrumental in ‘evolving’ us and our operation into the 21st century with ease and security. From email hosting and simple ongoing back-ups to competitively supplying hardware and integrating new software programmes; from ongoing, at call troubleshooting to ever reliable advice and guidance, you and your Team were always pleasant, efficient, and more than capable. You made it happen and enabled us to ‘keep up’.

Now that I am part of a much smaller operation in Handworks, nothing about Network Overdrive has changed. We can still rely on you totally, for any and every IT need, and definitely feel as supported and up to date with 3 computers as we did with 12.

I will continue to recommend you to businesses large and small, and I both congratulate and thank you Greg, and wish you continued excellence.

Annette Saker

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