Profit Stacks

Value is what propels a business forward. And sometimes it can get lost in the nooks and crannies of your business. That’s why we’ve developed our Profit Stacks framework to help you uncover hidden value within your business.


What exactly are profit stacks?

Our Profit Stacks are customised to your business’ needs, acting as a comprehensive inventory of its key IT tools, categorised by function and the respective activities within them. Your personalised Profit Stacks then assess your business’ current effectiveness of achieving required performance outcomes to shine a light where the value is hiding.

Sales Stack

The Sales Stack looks at all activities in your business related to external communications and customer acquisition. This Stack helps to reduce the cost of customer acquisition while increasing profit.

People Stack

The People Stack covers all internal communication in your company by focusing on controllable factors associated with recruiting, developing and supporting staff to empower them to be more productive.

Production Stack

The Production Stack is the organisation stage between securing a project and delivering it. It focuses on helping your business stay on top of project budgets, resources and timelines. When both people and information systems run seamlessly side by side, this increases your business’ productivity without burning a hole in your wallet.

Finance Stack

The Finance Stack provides a sharper insight into the current financial performance of each level of the business, enabling better informed decision-making.

Structure Stack

The Structure Stack enables you to develop a disruptive approach to product and service innovation to enhance your business’ competitive agility. Simultaneously, it seeks to address business continuity and long-term profitability by implementing risk management. To best manage your business’ growth and increasing revenue, it is important to have strong structural and administrative efficiencies. Finally, implementing strategic planning will align your business team and help build a stronger culture of accountability.

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