Defcredit is the Australian Defence Forces credit union. They required permanent access to the internet but need to minimise bandwidth and control access of their staff. Network Overdrive provided a cost-effective solution.

Contact: Mike Canning – IT Support.


Defcredit is the Australian Defence Forces Credit Union. All Navy, Army and Air force base has one of their branches. Their head office is in Melbourne.


Defcredit need to control their connection to the internet to reduce bandwidth and limit staff’s access to only certain web sites. It had to work with a completely Microsoft NT environment.


Network Overdrive installed a squid proxy server with access controls to limit access to a predetermined list of web sites. The company’s use of the internet was logged and accessible to management through a dynamically updated website. Because the network used TCP/IP the squid server could be integrated into the NT environment with the minimum of configuration changes.


Defcredit’s bandwidth was reduced by having frequently accessed websites cached on the local server. This enabled the bandwidth to be available for other applications such as email. It also provided more reliability than the Microsoft Proxy server that was available at the time.

The access control ensured that the internet was only used for productivity reasons.


Network Overdrive enable Defcredit to make better use and control of their internet connection by saving frequently accessed website.

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