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Tackling Growing Pains Through Tech – how NOD’s IT Strategy lead to 3x growth in Revenue and Staff for a Construction Company


 A construction company had big plans to rapidly grow their business and expand their team into multiple locations. Unfortunately, they were dealing with an IT system that was slow in some parts and simply not working in others. Before thinking about growth, they had to address the stifling affect that their existing tech had on their business. After meeting with multiple Managed Service Providers (MSP), the construction company came to the decision that they needed a tech partner that understood their business fully and invested in real relationships with their clients.

Here’s how Network Overdrive’s Managed Services and the Profit Stacks Framework system restored this company’s confidence in tech and help facilitate their future growth.

Their Story

As a construction business, the company is constantly dealing with high-cost endeavours with many moving parts. Because of this, technology and IT systems were the last thing on their list of considerations. Their lacklustre tech was put in the “too hard basket”.

However, their plans to expand their company revealed many cracks and inefficiencies in their IT systems. From slow speeds to parts of the system that didn’t even work anymore, the company had their work cut out for them.  The Office Manager and Managing Director could no longer ignore the problems of IT.

When attempting to remedy the situation on their own came to no avail, the company decided to engage an IT partner that could help them implement a more reliable system and educate them on IT strategy moving forward. So, the search for an IT partner began.

Having met and liaised with a few IT partners in the past, the company knew that they wanted to hire an organisation that prioritised the relationship with the client. Both the Office Manager and Managing Director believed that Network Overdrive could be that team player they were looking for.

Our Approach & Solution

First, we focused on improving the company’s experience with their current technology. We understood that getting this right would mean that we would need to get to know the business and the people within it.  To do this, we set up a team of “working technology” expertise to offer multiple points of support for the company and their staff. They collaborated with the Office Manager to work with each department and location to ensure all staff members experienced improvements to their productivity.  Frequent positive results allowed staff to embrace change of the new technology and processes.

Following on from that we then, helped the Managing Director develop an IT strategy that supported the expected business growth. We applied a technology lens to their business in a Profit Stacks Framework workshop. This produced a comprehensive inventory of the business’ IT tools and allowed them to rate each tool with colour codes. The MD loved how the framework could visually show him and his executive team how tech and their business interacts. It allowed the team to quickly identify the best pain points to change to facilitate growth.

Because of the clear strategy, the executive team and Network Overdrive implemented the right IT systems and support arrangement.  This supported a growth of 3x in revenue and staff over a three-year period.

Now the Managing Director and Office Manager enjoy significant growth despite the pandemic. They have asked us to be more involved in the business to further drive transformation. The Profit Stacks Framework will outline a path for regional expansion operations and the automation of supply chains for the business.


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