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We solve profitability challenges through the smart use of technology

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We have provided IT consultancy services and support to hundreds of business owners and executives in the last 18 years. Some of the questions our IT and network consultants solve are:

Why we love your IT more than you do!

Here at Network Overdrive, we strive to not only help businesses uncover this lost value but also to power their profit through holistic and proactive I.T strategies.

About Network Overdrive IT Consultants

We are fueled by the chemistry of teamwork. We don’t assign just one person to your business. Instead, every client has a primary and secondary technical consultant as well as an account manager who knows their business.

Our group of trained IT Consultants in Melbourne, Australia in turn also supports other businesses and brings this experience to bear to implement versatile and innovative systems using the very latest in wireless, network and leading edge server technologies to you.

As well, Network Overdrive has technicians in every Capital city working closely with clients from coast to coast. We provide IT consultancy services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & across Australia.

We share the same goals as you

Our approach to IT consulting focuses on tasks and outcomes for your business – not the time taken to perform the work. Aligning our business success with your business’s success, our fixed-price unlimited IT support model ensures that it is in each party’s best interest to have an efficient and productive IT infrastructure.

Committed to continual process improvement for the businesses we support, it is our goal to improve your profitability. We do this by ensuring our IT services enable staff to be more productive over the time they engage our services. We use a capability maturity model for assessing the state of a company’s IT operations and to provide strategic direction over the coming years.

We turn your cost centre into a profit centre

Poor IT. and slow response times can seriously affect your bottom line. We understand this. Because your success is our success, we work hard to ensure all downtime is minimised, all systems run efficiently, and you are one hundred per cent supported 24/7. When we are out to work, you will notice immediate improvements in your internal processes and profits.

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Professional, ethical and friendly

We take pride in our profession and aspire to uphold the highest standards in due diligence, privacy and best practices. We use Information Technology Professional Association’s Code of Conduct to inform us. We are IT consultants that constantly look to uphold the highest standards and to pass that improvement onto you.

Hear from our Customers

We found the workshop provided a different insight to the way in which IT touches the various aspects of our business. Being able to identify and rate the current level of service provided by various existing systems was very valuable.
Network Overdrive has had the effect of significantly reducing the internal effort and time spent managing our IT systems and reacting to IT related problems.
Your staff have been proactive and attentive when required… nothing is too much trouble. It is a pleasure to do business, we feel like we have great support behind us, allowing us to focus on what we do best.

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