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Profit Strategy 3: Increase Productivity
Profit Process: Productivity Stack
Outcome: Save money on service delivery

The Production Stack is the organisation stage between securing a project and delivering it. It focuses on helping your business stay on top of project budgets, resources and timelines. When both people and information systems run seamlessly side by side, this increases your business’ productivity without burning a hole in your wallet.


  • Reduced cost of project delivery
  • Understanding the logistics and scope of your business’ assets and resources
  • Stronger visibility of consultants across staff and resource utilisation
  • More efficient decisions regarding time and activities reallocation
  • Improved teamwork and staff collaboration
  • Sharper insight into customer billing process
  • Lessened reworking of completed projects

Productivity Stack Key Takeaways:

Within the Production Stack, we identified seven distinct functions that can be maximised with a software to meet your company’s specific requirements. If your business has multiple products and service sets, don’t worry. Our Production Stack is engineered to adapt to each of your sets with flexibility.

Contact us today how our Production Stack can help you save time and money on project delivery.

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