Vendor and Asset Management Services

Removing the roadblocks that reduce your business productivity

We make sure you get real value from your equipment and your contracted services:

Our High Performance IT Support

Incident & Change Management

Asset & Vendor Management

Monitoring & Analysis

Support Desk

SOP Documentation

Challenges of managing assets and vendors

Productivity gets massively lost around assets and vendors: 

  • You’ve got to know who to call, what to say, what equipment, what service level… or you don’t get service. 
  • If  you don’t have all the information you need at your fingertips – accurate and up-to-date – then problems can multiply and their impact can escalate. 
  • When you have a breakdown, it takes forever to find serial numbers, maintenance contracts, warranties, contact numbers, etc. 
  • When you do have a problem, it may be hard to explain to the maintenance technician in a way that they understand. 

Our Vendor and Asset Management Services streamline the process of getting problems fixed with equipment, software and contracted services. 

We have the capability and the experience to talk to vendors and 3rd party contractors in their jargon about your services and problems. 

So you get the service you need, not just what the vendor wants to give you.

We make sure you get real value from your equipment and your contracted services: 

  • We develop and maintain a complete asset register of your purchased equipment, warranties, maintenance contracts and agreements. 
  • We develop and maintain a complete register of the contracted services you pay for and the level of service to be supplied. 
  • We develop and maintain an up-to-date list of all your vendors and suppliers, including current contacts and communications processes. 
  • We manage the delivery of those services against contracted SLAs, ensuring you’re getting the value you’re paying for. 
  • We manage the process of equipment repair and maintenance, with our tech experts monitoring the process to ensure work is done as required. 
  • We manage complex multi-vendor situations so that you get maximum results with minimum buck-passing. 

What we do to manage your Assets and Vendors...

How we implement Vendor and Asset Management

We’ll take care of the mess that often accumulates around equipment and services that your business depends on. 

The Network Overdrive team has been delivering High Performance IT Support to mid-sized businesses and growing enterprises throughout Australia and the rest of the world since 2000 – including expert vendor and supplier management. 

From your day-to-day operations through to long term strategies, our technical professionals and skilled consultants ensure your IT is efficient, secure and up-to-date at all times. 

When you have the right IT support, then your technology becomes transparent and you’re free to get on with reaching your business goals – not dealing with recalcitrant equipment and service providers. 

Do you want to get back to work on your business, while we manage your Vendors and Assets?

Hear from our Customers

We found the workshop provided a different insight to the way in which IT touches the various aspects of our business. Being able to identify and rate the current level of service provided by various existing systems was very valuable.
Network Overdrive has had the effect of significantly reducing the internal effort and time spent managing our IT systems and reacting to IT related problems.
Your staff have been proactive and attentive when required… nothing is too much trouble. It is a pleasure to do business, we feel like we have great support behind us, allowing us to focus on what we do best.

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