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Do you experience technology driving your business forward?

Imagine if you could identify which technology investment increase long-term profits and which held you back? Enjoy the benefits of high performing IT Consulting services and experience:

Innovation happens when you focus on it – and when you focus on it, the benefits multiply. If you don’t focus on it, it never happens. 

Our innovation and continuous improvement approach will get you focussed on success.

Three Foundations for Business Success

Innovation is a key business productivity focus – but it doesn’t succeed in isolation. To make your technology work for your business, you need a holistic approach. Technology becomes a profit centre when it’s built around three strong process foundations:




Network Overdrive acts as an extension of your business, providing the foundation services you need to make technology work for your business.

We will evaluate where you are today, and identify what you’re already doing well, and how to plug the gaps in your current operations to increase your business success.

Almost 80% of all digital transformations fail.

Today’s technology is awesome:

when the right technology is chosen to solve the right problem

when skilled project management delivers the right solutions

when the right ongoing processes keep the technology working.

Less than 1 in 5 companies experience “very effective” digital transformations. Only 22% of businesses transforming their IT achieve the desired business results. Companies tackling digital transformation are less than 30% likely to succeed

It’s one thing to run one project well – on time, on budget, delivering real business benefits . It’s exponentially more difficult to manage multiple projects well.

And if the project wasn’t grounded in good strategy, effective business analysis, and well-informed selection processes then it can turn into an expensive white elephant.

Is your technology stifling your business?

  • Has rapid growth pushed you into bandaid, reactive solutions that struggle to deliver on day-to-day business needs?
  • Are you scared to think about what it would take to get your technology working – because you really don’t know?
  • Does your business struggle with inadequate, cumbersome and underperforming IT systems that confuse and de-motivate your staff?
  • Do your best hires leave – just as they’re starting to become productive?
  • Do good customers just stop coming back to do repeat business?

What does it take to do successful, high-return improvement and innovation?

You need the following from us....

A rigorous framework that evaluates the value that IT delivers to your business right now AND highlights where IT is not delivering value that it should. Our unique Profit Stacks Framework is purpose-designed process for maximising IT value.

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Project Portfolio Management

A savvy team of experts with the right technical and business skills to do complex project portfolio management and even more complex relationships.

Technology Research

The capacity to do effective technology research & evaluation that identifies new solutions and tests their actual ability to perform

Are you struggling with Techceptance?

Have you been through repeated cycles of disillusionment with technology? You get excited with its potential, you start a project and it hits a wall. Over time, this can lead to the development of:

Techceptance is recognising the real impact tech has on your business and accepting the role you play in proactively managing it.

And it’s more – Techceptance when you realise that not all hope is lost. It’s when you realise that the right functional, tailored tech solutions really can take you to IT Nirvana, where your systems power your business engine room.

Profit Stacks Framework... The first step in your journey to Techceptance

The Profit Stacks Framework acts as a comprehensive inventory of your business operations and their IT tools. It put them in categories based on your business function and the respective activities within them.

It’s a proprietary Network Overdrive process and platform, which uniquely fills the implementation gap between IT Managed Services reports and high-level business strategic planning.

It helps turn your business IT from a costly overhead to a profit-generating foundation enabling you to grow your business to meet your goals.

Customised to your specific goals, the system assesses your IT’s current effectiveness and seeks to update the highest value items to create the biggest impact.

The Profit Stacks Framework is both a business platform and a consulting product.

Introducing the
Three Foundations for Business Success

In short, it’s about taking one small step with your IT, to create a giant leap for your business.

Introducing the
Guide to Engineering Your Business Performance For Success

In short, it’s about taking one small step with your IT, to create a giant leap for your business.

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