What sets us apart from the I.T. Crowd?

A little about Network Overdrive

  • Fueled by the chemistry of a large team of technical minds

A leading Managed Services Provider since 1999, Network Overdrive has technicians in every Capital city working closely with clients from Australian coast to coast. Our group of trained IT Business Professionals provides support to businesses to implement versatile and innovative systems using the very latest in wireless, network and leading edge server technologies.
  • It’s the way we do it that counts

Our deep understanding of the need to provide support and consultancy for the ever-increasing network and server burdens of a growing commercial enterprise means we provide long term solutions to your IT needs. We always strive to eliminate downtime whilst offering a competitive predictable monthly IT management, maintenance and support cost.
  • We build long-term sustainability for your business

Committed to continual process improvement for the businesses we support, it is our goal to improve your profitability. We do this by ensuring our IT services enable staff to be more productive over the time they engage our services. We use a capability maturity model for assessing the state of a company’s IT operations and to provide strategic direction over the coming years.
  • Everything we do is about you

    • Trusted Strategic advice
    • Predictable support costs
    • Comprehensive IT services to support a growing infrastructure
    • Proactive and reactive support utilizing state-of-the-art management and monitoring tools
    • Comprehensive account management
    • Project management and implementation services
    • After-hours & emergency support

  • Not all Managed IT Service Providers are equal

At Network Overdrive, we’ve spent over 15 years developing a technically detailed service offering that has grown into a well-oiled and scalable machine that keeps you ahead of the technology game. We’re good at what we do and we constantly challenge ourselves to be even better. We’ve carved ourselves a seriously strong edge in the IT industry. We offer a single-point of contact for all your IT and Telecommunication requirements. As a Telstra Authorized Dealer we can offer solutions for your smartphone, fixed lines and even offer a bill review services. We are an ISP with excellent business-grade Internet and Private connections along with solid Web Hosting and Private Cloud provisioning. We are ethical and operate within a professional code of conduct. We were inspired by the System Administrators Guild of Australia’s code of ethics and aspire to uphold the highest standards approved by our peers. Most significantly, we come to you. We don’t hide behind the telephone or email. We can see how you work and provide advice on the best solution.

What sets us apart from the I.T. crowd?

  • We share the same goals as you

  • Our approach to IT management focuses on tasks and outcomes for your business – not the time taken to perform the work. Aligning the success of our business with your businesses success, our fixed-price unlimited IT support model ensures that it is in each parties best interest to have an efficient and productive IT infrastructure.

  • We turn your cost centre into a profit centre

  • Poor IT and slow response times can seriously affect your bottom line. We understand this. Because your success is our success, we work hard to ensure all downtime is minimised, all systems run efficiently and you are one hundred percent supported 24/7. When we are out to work, you will notice immediate improvements in your internal processes and profits.

  • We’re nerdy yet customer-centric

  • We might love to sit around and talk new generation internet or user-centric networking and visualization, but when it comes to customer service we seamlessly translate the geek. We’re friendly and genial and all round great guys (and girls) to work with.

  • We use many brains to make light work

  • Thanks to our state of the art technology and finely tuned processes you will gain the skills of an entire IT department for less than the cost of one single IT Manager. That just makes sense.

  • The future looks bright

  • Partnering with Network Overdrive means partnering with a proactive and innovative IT department that actively gives you an insight into the latest technologies and the benefits for Water Technology implementing them.

    Talk to an I.T Specialist

    Ready to talk to Network Overdrive about how to power profit with our Managed I.T Services? Drop your details below and we'll be in touch in the next 24hrs.

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    Talk to an I.T Specialist

    Ready to talk to Network Overdrive about how to power profit with our Managed I.T Services? Drop your details below and we'll be in touch in the next 24hrs.