Episode 2 – I.T. Shouldn’t be a Cost

Why Profit Stacks Framework was created


This program came into being, because we’ve been helping businesses for 20 years now and we’ve seen businesses spend money on technology and not see the results that they want, and we hate doing that. We hate not delivering value, not seeing results.

My experience of businesses is that they already now believe that technology can make a difference in their business, perhaps 10 years ago they were not so sure, but business owners have become jaded with bad experiences of trying to implement technology that hasn’t quite worked out for them. So, they know that they should spend money on technology.

They don’t know how it makes a difference. So, they tend to put it in their cost centre like a necessary evil. It’s like rent or having to purchase insurance, it’s something they have to have, but they don’t really see it as significant to their business.

So, the profit stacks framework is our way of delivering transparency and insight so businesses can actually make a difference in knowing that if they make a dollar, $1 investment even, in technology, they will see the direct benefit of that $1 in solving their key profitability challenges.


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