Episode 1 – Intro to the Profit Stacks Framework

Many companies know that IT is important but see it as a necessary cost and unable to link their technology to their business goals. The Profit Stacks Framework allows them to do that.


Hi, my name is Greg Clarkson. I’m the CEO of Network Overdrive. And this series of videos is designed to help you understand how IT powers profits.

Network Overdrive is different to other technology companies because we have the profit stacks framework that helps us focus on IT delivering profit for our customers. And we have the capacity to execute on that. So profit stacks framework is a methodology that gives you a one page view of your business that highlights all the activities that you do and the technology you use to support those activities so that you can drive profit and make efficiency gains.

A business owner can learn more about the profit stacks framework by visiting our website and downloading an ebook.

Our website is https://networkoverdrive.com.au and they can follow the links to the download.


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