What do IT industry leaders think of the future of IT for business?

What do IT industry leaders think of the future of IT for business?

As more and more companies are embracing the shift of computing software from a brick and mortar presence to the cloud, the IT industry is seeing a major shift in the direction of it’s services. With the opportunities the cloud presents in allowing instant access to information from any device, quicker response time to customers and reducing a business’ total cost of ownership (TCO), it’s no wonder that cloud technology has been adopted by more companies at a quicker pace than previous technology innovations.

In November 2013, CIO Magazine surveyed leaders in the IT industry to find out what their concerns were for the future of IT in 2014. Below is a slideshow of the answers they gave:

The Future of Information Technology – By Network Overdrive from NetworkOverdrive

In case you’re short of time, here’s the data for you:

In your opinion, which of the following will have the most profound effect on the CIO role in the future?





In your opinion, which of the following tech trends will have the most profound effect on your organisation and your organisation’s IT department overall in the future?


IT: 12%

ORG: 22%


IT: 20%

ORG: 12%

Big Data

IT: 12%

ORG: 11%


IT: 6%

ORG: 14%


What percent of your company’s total revenue does the IT budget represent?

2012 4.7%

2013 5.2%

2014 8.6%


Which other groups or functions in your organisation have/ will you have budgets specifically earmarked for investments in technology products and services currently? In 3- 5 years?


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