How much is your I.T. system really costing you?

How much is your I.T. system really costing you?

Need to build a business case to demonstrate how much IT issues are hurting your practice?

The I.T. frustration log is your right hand man to tracking the real cost of your I.T. system. Measuring the cost of your I.T. systems issues is an important way of keeping track of your system and being made quickly aware if there are real issues you need to address. Careful monitoring gives you vital information about what’s happening now and it also provides the starting point for the issues of your current system and the areas that require improvement. The tools and calculations included in the Frustration Log are designed for company stake-holders who would like to be able to provide a report to management regarding the impact of down-time on the organisation. The Frustration Log will help you keep track of:
  • Lost productivity – (wasted time calculated by using the salary of the affected people).
  • Regulatory/compliance effort/penalties (in some industries a break of privacy might result in your business being unable to operate!).
  • Remedial costs – if data is lost you must consider the cost of someone recovering it.
  • Reputation/brand damage – how does the IT issue affect how others think of your business and their likelihood of doing business with you.

There are two main areas to the workbook.

1. A calculations page which will list total projected revenue losses during the period. You may also include amounts on this sheet such as any costs of breaching compliance, and remedial costs involved and any repetition value. 2. An issue log which can be used to track down-time. Eventually as issues are added over a period of time they will build up a picture regarding the costs to the business. Finally there is a simple graph sheet outlining these costs over a single year. You can remove the sections you would like and brand this worksheet as your very own. If you have any questions about this worksheet or would like to discuss your I.T. management issues, feel free to contact us.

How much does your I.T. system really costs?

Poorly performing I.T. systems not only cause frustration, they cost your business thousands of dollars every year.
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