How password managing programs can change your life

How password managing programs can change your life?

Where Internet security used to be all about virus and malware, more and more people are now worrying about the threat of password hacking. And rightly so. Considering that most people use the same password for multiple services – ranging from social media to banking – having your password stolen will have massive consequences.

No more notebook scribbles

As we continue to move our lives online the number of passwords required is never ending and remembering them all is a mammoth task (if not downright impossible). And while most of us would agree that jotting down passwords on pieces of paper and sticking them in your wallet is not a great idea, a surprising number of people do the digital equivalent: excel sheets.

The two main reasons that storing passwords on your actual computer is a bad idea is:

  • If you use another computer than the one with password file you can’t log in.
  • If your computer is stolen you have lost your passwords forever (not to mention the access the person who stole it now has to your entire digital life).

The solution is spelled cloud technology. In recent years a range of different online password storage services have entered the market, offering a welcome alternative to spread sheets and Post-it notes.

How does it work?

LastPass and 1Password are two of the most popular password managers on the market today. They both work by creating a safe storage place for all your passwords, a space you only need one password to access. Since you never have to actually remember all your individual passwords, you can finally use those series of uppercase, lowercase and numbers that you were always told to use. Only now you don’t have to remember them.

The master password is integrated in your browser, allowing you to log in once to have individual passwords filled in automatically by the application. Further, when you sign up for a new online account, the password manager will help you create a secure password and store it right away.

The apps also syncs between your different devices, making all your passwords available wherever you are.

So what are the pros and cons?


  • Finally solves the dilemma of you having to create passwords that are secure enough not to be hacked but easy enough for you to remember.
  • Mobility of taking all your passwords with you and access your online accounts safely from any device.
  • Most password managing services will also store non-password info, such as credit card number, passport number, insurance details etc.


  • All software has the potential of being hacked and both LastPass and 1Password have had hacker-scares prompting their users to change their one master password.
  • The idea of one single password standing between you and all the information needed to access essentially every part of your financial, social and – with health tracking apps – even medical life, might make you uncomfortable. At the same time, using your children’s names backwards for all your online log-ins isn’t very secure either. In fact, it’s a hacking waiting to happen.



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