The ultimate cloud adoption statistics

The ultimate cloud adoption statistics

The adoption of cloud computing for businesses has grown drastically since 2010, and will continue to grow as cloud computing becomes more fluently integrated into business solutions. Whether you realise it or not, you’re probably already using the cloud for a number of your business practices online.

According to a recent poll conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Microsoft, cloud adoption in business varies depending on the size of the company. Statics show that 25% of companies with 2 – 4 employees have adopted cloud computing, compared to 47% in companies with 5 – 50 employees and 75% in companies with 50 – 500 employees.

Only 35% of small businesses are using cloud technology, while 10% are not even familiar with it!

How is the cloud and mobile technology used to conduct a better business? Here’s a little break down of how business owners are currently using cloud and mobile devices:

How business owners are using the cloud:

64% use communication services.
55% manage file storage and file transfers.
48% facilitate document collaboration.
44% administer payroll and finance.
41% operate POS and pay processing.
39% host web conferences.
37% have website/blog templates.
22% maintain customer relationships.

How business owners are using smartphones and tablets:

61% read and send emails.
47% search the Internet.
44% find maps and directions.
30% access GPS.
29% download and read files.
16% access online directories.
12% make purchases.
9% watch online videos.

You can see the full set of statistics by viewing the Microsoft infographic.


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