Are your business systems documented? We can help.

Are your business systems documented? We can help.

Successful businesses understand the importance of recording all of the processes that reflect the best practices and operations of their company. Operating a business requires you to be aware of all cost-factors, and to be conscious of your resources.

This is important because, without correct documentation, your procedures – the way your business works and the way your team members habitually do everything – become haphazard and inconsistent.

By taking the time to write down the way you do things and put it in a procedure manual, you can easily communicate methods to your team. This helps to make sure that their work is efficient and effective; matching the quality standards you have worked hard to establish. This is why project management and customer relationship management softwares are becoming integral to how businesses operate.

These business systems also allow you;, as the owner or CEO of your business, to spend your time focusing on strategy and planning, not fire-fighting and repeatedly explaining how to do things. This is why having your IT needs strategically aligned with your business is crucial.

In short, when your business is systemised and documented, you gain a strong business advantage.

Benefits of documenting your business systems:

  • Easier to train new team members—your procedure manual is your training manual.
  • Gain the freedom to focus on expanding the business.
  • Deliver consistent quality of products and services.
  • Your system becomes a basis for continual improvement.
  • The sale value of your business increases.
  • It is much easier to license (franchise) your business.

Introducing our new business systems partners

We are excited to introduce our new partners – QDT Management Consultants. As an integrated part of our service to you, QDT can design and help you to establish and maintain your documented business systems.

Your intranet-based system can include:

    • All policies and procedures documented, linked and easy to navigate in your intranet.
    • Forms available to print or complete on-line.
    • Records stored on-line.
    • Online issue and task tracking that never forgets anything.
    • Streamlined compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and other certifications.
    • QDT work closely with our technical team to provide you with a streamlined, easy to use system.

You can:

  • Simply purchase a procedure manual template and populate it yourself, OR
  • Engage QDT to guide and help you and your team create your intranet-based documentation.

Software tools

QDT use a variety of software tools, depending on the needs of the client, including:

Confluence (procedure manuals and online forms and many plugins for extending your system).



PolicyGuides (Easy to set up and use WordPress cloud-based software for procedures and forms).



Sharepoint (Simple procedure manual wiki system with the ability to include forms, records and workflows).



TKO (desktop-based procedure manual editor—use to write your manual and publish it to an intranet).



MantisBT (free issue and task manager useful for many types of business record) (Asana and Jira also available).

Customer success stories

QDT have designed many documented business systems and helped businesses achieve certification to management standards.


Keech Australia

QDT helped Keech Australia in Bendigo establish a procedure manual (using TKO) and issue tracking system (using MantisBT). Using these systems, Keech achieved certification in ISO 9001 (quality), AS 4801 (Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment) and are also now a Hitachi certified international manufacturer.

National Protective Services

With QDT guidance, National Protective Services in South Melbourne have converted their Word document-based management system into an intranet using TKO software and are currently converting their paper- and email-based task and issue management systems to MantisBT.

RSP Environmental Services

After several attempts with other consultants, RSP Environmental Services in Bendigo engaged QDT to help them become certified in ISO 9001 (Quality Management standard). Within a few months they achieved certification on their first audit.

Intrepid Geophysics

After another ISO 9001 consultant delivered a Word document-based ISO 9001 system to Intrepid Geophysics in Brighton, Victoria, QDT converted it to an Intranet-based system using Confluence and helped them to maintain their certification efficiently.


Business systems services AustraliaMeet David Stephensen, Senior Consultant at QDT

David is a business documentation and workflow specialist. Adept at communicating complex technical information, David intuitively establishes systematic procedures to ensure worker safety, financial security, employment standards, and secure information technology procedures.

His experience as an information designer and educator has enabled David to head up numerous systems projects that have successfully documented quality standards, sequencing of tasks, and business goals.

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