A subtle change in our phone system means faster, easier I.T. support for you

A subtle change in our phone system means faster, easier I.T. support for you

At Network Overdrive, we’ve been working hard to improve our service.

So, while our latest roll-out is pretty subtle – you may never even notice it – you will have to trust us, it will make your I.T. work-life easy.

It’s a seemingly simple new phone system we have implemented using Avaya IP Office. We’ve been using it for a few weeks and so far customers have enjoyed fewer missed calls, less wait time and easier options for requesting a call back service.

We selected the Avaya IP Office suite because it allows us to better manage our customer care so that we can quickly identify busy periods and ensure response times are fast. It will also speed up our ability to find the relevant information to assist with your problem or enquiry.

So trust us that when you next call, you may not notice anything different but in the background our system is working overtime to provide a seamless customer experience just for you.

For all your I.T. support needs, call Network Overdrive on 1300 368 928

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