Celebrating 21st Anniversary with Michael Perdicakis

Video Transcription


I’ve got a background setting can you believe it how you doing it runs good he can’t complain good to see you if you example of doctors at the hospital. Rogers specialist with such a significant investment in tools if you guys to a local dentist will I have 102 102 dentist work in there might be like 1 frame machine one time shame but then you got one of those clinics that has 10 dentists and orthodontists in and whatever else a coming out ut coming out king ding ing a recommending a hot by talking and it’s like I ever have been doing it for ages have a drive is 21 21 walk down memory lane field engineer than to go Kiest and he came back 30 13 + 10 30 13 + 10 10 + 24 for the 31st at 8 and then I said thank you for your interview on Sunday you remember we met at a cafe or believe in Sydney idn’t answer swer basic ness to be to back up it so it so Daniel and yang there as well this is what I’ve got for for 2013 you and yang you remember that moving to this office is the Stephen is the Stephen was quite nice looking at yeah we had a couple of get-togethers with Chris or Chris’s body of 2015 2015 Insurance looking at the camera and now look at this look at you I really liked how excited you you and this one have at the house how having a ur own our own private office upgrade it to on the


memory a good memories you have if you say that side I do for you tame an American I want it shows the beginning of some element of Pride for you and some of these things from scratch it down memory lane pray for you and say no Thai Spices dices NADA Ms staging companies in his willingness today to do what is best for the pasta. pasta. I recommend the ninth grade at the Clyde was prepared to being best us us to drive in that class. I live with models on Netflix good what I what I’m thinking I wanted to finish with saying this big thank you message contribution to network I have a to drive as I reflect on the last eight years gone for the side I smell the customers you don’t forget how much of an impact use my eyes on a large number of businesses and look for allergic to know Jesse Belvin but around Australia and you remembered very fondly many staff are grateful for the time you gave them and the KU demonstrated in helping him in the arm professional development of any sort of reference all resume for you you ‘d o you do have a very good mentoring caring capability so I hope we couldn’t have been where we are today without you grow and develop in your professional capabilities and your time since you’ve moved on from Network Ivy Drive thank you and congratulations thank you thank you so much well thanks so much Michael light light


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