Celebrating 21st Anniversary with Diego Pedroza

Video Transcription


how would you describe your time at this way I have a drive but
what made what your memory of the first die in things like this before before I
came to you I knocking too many doors you you know I was you I was finishing
you know why I love like ghosts experience why I love like ghosts experience
for me and I remember you gave me the opportunity. to talk e a to take on from
there just there just when y’all went ballistic from I have a great day ass
before I may be focussing Network space on your Roku rope in a food chain Roku
switching when I joined your Company My Dear my dear the only you my dear the
only you I was perfectly for me today supposed to be I came for my Enterprise
vehicle background to working with like you more smoothly as business I am I love
the way you run the company hard gel do I know you do Hall Jazz you are going
to these days these days in years ago was none your business from you and
yellow from by bazzi the happenings all only a good man and I believe I was
able to contribute some extent to which I used to being stopped by the time he
was a great screams computation but it was just the right time for me and see
if you can just want to highlight that you basically with what part of net
worth of a drive transition from a manager into a managed service provider
implemented or you or using some of the tools that I’m still using today 12
years is ‘s time se a t Kik I ct connectwise the t ement I on m stay




still using at why t I ‘m a what I mean by Legacy like I said I got
your memory featuring of the past because I want to play I want to play a party
game with you now okay are you ready to play a game with me ame is e game the
game is on and you have to tell me where it is okay okay. Francis only two
choices office in the back of your office and in the right now where I where I
first time I get to are you supposed to be be in Cape Cod I get to be buried
get to be very you you’re thinking correct it could I have a a but this next
fighter is the same location and I wonder if this can help you t I me Ray the
same Rec I was Your g young I cook them could then yes I could then yes Network
and yes. Anytime with nothing came in you had to build it we thought it would
be like a one-hour job how long did it take you to build that beautiful rack by
me baby be hard to believe my mom is he was he was definitely a keeper exactly
heck is this the one on heck is this the one on the right one and the reason
why I why I wanted to get this title play fight because like what I wanted to
emphasize Diego is the Legacy that you’ve left behind 4 network Ivy Drive have
a drive and so we




about how you were involved in the infrastructure in the setup of
Days Inn paramita heart that’s been to it but this is another example of something
do you remember doing this buy ht have my timer might s on a chair ty s e at’s
how we on a chair that’s how we would like permission a his this with a new
employee of network Ivy Drive one month ago ay d said this is how I want you to
en’t I haven’t found a n y thing anything better d you ‘d d you did n’t is did
this in 2008 or 2009 ng to see w e a hat to share that with o recognize d
recognize. Menu Menu It’s amazing. It’s amazing to think the r you the
positives and is a fine ng al homes buying homes Network design that I was
older sister was all the Cisco I was older sister and look at your email you
sent me this email re are any remember d any remember doing that I got a o need
you leave work as I didn’t want you to worry the paper that actually work I was
I was worried and so what I’m saying to you is that this network design This
Way of describing a network I still use today I find it useful I can I can
personally troubleshoot that ife is fat k what my wife is Spectre anyway




you’ll Legacy I still do whatever I pull out this the designs I
still think of ow the thing s that you ‘ve done things that you’ve done for me
at Wekiva blah blah aggie aggie supposed to be a Pines s Police Pines Police
spaghetti sauce is it ready is it ready music really really happy to do at such
a simple thing and go back in time myself and check out these things out so I
just wanted to tell you I wanted to say thank 0 like I like I said before the
event you’ve left behind a massive Legacy with many of the systems and
processes place of still story ll use still use to day today but when I say 10
years old I’m doing you a disservice thank you so much a e of a welcome lcome
of course I I’m happy birthday nobody company to get you technology get to
leave today so you guys are going to fantastic job I was lucky enough my Ellie
Desi Macarena on a that have like you everything you actually good everything
everything everything everything you told the people you’re working with today
I guess embrace it thank you for doing this he says by Dynamic environment but
but because the coach of the company when I was there with you you to grow
experience and to make the most of of its accompanying for you congratulations
on the nd Go will l go well I will text you guys beautiful thank you thank you


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