Did you know about this handy resource from Microsoft?

Did you know about this handy resource from Microsoft?

It sits on your desktop, you probably use it almost every day, it’s one of the most accessed tools in computing software, and yet you probably don’t even realise it’s potential.

We’re talking about the Microsoft Office Suite.

From something as simple and instinctual as Word, to the lesser-known Microsoft products such as Visio, or Lync, we bet you didn’t know that Microsoft houses an extensive training hub online, free of charge for anyone who may need extra training. The courses cover Microsoft software from their 2007, 2010 and 2013 editions across Windows, Mac and iPad users, and progress from Beginner to Intermediate stages depending on your prior knowledge of the software.

Along with downloadable training courses, Microsoft also offers free 15-minute webinars in topics such as ‘Get to know the new Office’, ‘Work with photos in Office’ and ‘All about PowerPoint Slide Masters’.

For any Microsoft enthusiast, or for anyone who relies on the Microsoft Office Suite to help them get their business done, this is a resource you cannot get by without.

At Network Overdrive, we think this invaluable tool is something everyone needs to know about.

Image Source: Microsoft


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