Is Windows 8.1 any better? Why you should upgrade for free today.

Is Windows 8.1 any better? Why you should upgrade for free today.

Bringing everything together across all devices – at home, at work or on the go- the new Windows is making quite a few waves across the industry.

The changes in Windows 8.1 are apparent from the moment you install the preview.

For starters, Microsoft’s first Windows 8 update combines touch and desktop more successfully than before. They’ve advanced user experience, manageability, security, mobile and networking making it easier to boost your productivity and drive business forward.

They’ve also made Windows 8 is faster. Even older machines perk up with Windows 8 is installed. And battery life noticeably improves too.

Devices preinstalled with Windows 8 can now be upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free.

Get your free upgrade from Windows.

So, what’s new in Windows 8.1?

Work and play on any device.

Be more productive

Everything you do, at work, at home, or on the go is now combined through all Windows devices and services.

Get personal

Create your own truly unique user experience tailored to the way you live.

Be choosy

There is a Windows device – tablet, convertible, notebook, all in one – that has plenty of style, functionality  allows you to craft your won experience.

Windows 8.1 Pro. Is it good for business?

Windows 8.1 pro boasts all the benefits of Windows 8.1, plus:


More security and control

BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, Domain join and Group Policy.

Business class capabilities

Assigned access (kiosk), Offline files, Remote Desktop (Host), Client Hyper V.

Grows with your business

Eligible for future volume license upgrades. Eligible for Windows Enterprise, 24/7 support and training and more, all through Software Assurance.

Get your free upgrade from Windows.

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