A Medical Clinic’s information systems are transformed from sluggish to responsive

A Medical Clinic’s information systems are transformed from sluggish to responsive

A medical clinic running Medical Director were experiencing a sluggish response on all their day to day client management needs, we brought our experience to the table and got their systems back on track.

When an Australian Medical Clinic was facing an increasingly slow system they were becoming extremely frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. They are not alone; a recent survey found that nearly half of healthcare professionals are dissatisfied with their clinical information systems, particularly by response times that can last a full minute or even longer.

Medical Clinics require extraordinary reliability from their I.T. systems. Accessing critical client information, as well as delivering precise billing, patient communications, records management, and high levels of security must all be carefully managed with your system. An unreliable system can wreak havoc with billing, scheduling, and other essential business processes.

Beyond this, the financial impact of a sluggish system adds to the stress experienced by medical centres nationwide.

One of the most frustrating symptoms of the underperforming system was the fact that the Practice Manager was often distracted from their role to fix random IT issues. This is something that should not have been occurring with the advanced system they were using.

The medical clinic approached four I.T. Service providers seeking recommendations on how to resolve the issues they were battling daily.

They selected Network Overdrive because we provided a comprehensive analysis of their entire I.T. Systems and delivered a thorough report outlining the hardware issues. The report also provided recommendations that guaranteed  that we could fix their issues and return their system to the smooth and reliable system they required.

Network Overdrive delivered on its promise.

Now the system is running smoothly, doctors are able to deliver the right advice in a fast and responsive manner and the Practice Manager can, once again, focus on strategic initiatives for the centre.

As a healthcare IT service provider, we proved our ability to proactively identify and resolve the client’s performance issues so they no longer impacted patient care. For this medical clinic, they could finally experience shorter lookup times, quicker page loads along with increased staff satisfaction.



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