Network Overdrive Provides Flexible Wireless Networking For Victorian Hospital

Providing the right technology resources for regional hospitals throughout Victoria, Australia continues to be the primary focus for Melbourne Healthcare IT professionals Network Overdrive.  Network Overdrive’s medical computer support solutions aid small hospitals with the right amount of support and innovation to provide excellence in patient care.

North Melbourne, Australia 19 July 2012 – Network Overdrive, based in Melbourne, provides computer support services for smaller regional hospitals throughout Victoria.  Having the same demands for innovative technology solutions as their largest metropolitan counterparts, small regional hospitals provide a vital service to communities across Australia.

When a Victoria regional hospital required a solution that allowed doctors and healthcare workers to move throughout hospital while remaining connected to the hospital network, they reached out to Network Overdrive to provide a solution that would do the trick. Network Overdrive has extensive knowledge of the needs of each medical professional working at the hospital.  Administrative staff who work on a single desktop have different requirements from doctors and nurses who are constantly on the move taking care of those in need. A wireless infrastructure that supported this flexibility but could be counted on to perform when needed the most was essential.

Network Overdrive presented Network Overdrive’s Victoria regional hospital client with two options.  Being vendor neutral allows Network Overdrive to provide what is right for each client versus what provides the firm with the greatest margin.

“We position ourselves as the CIO for all of our clients and ask the question, ‘What would we choose if we were full-time employees of the organisations we serve?’” said Principal consultant, Greg Clarkson. Working with the client’s technology decision makers, Network Overdrive presented two options.  The first was a solution from Cisco and the second a wireless solution from Netgear.  Network Overdrive’s client carefully selected the more economical Netgear solution over the Cisco solution.

“The Netgear wireless devices continue to exceed expectations,” Clarkson said.

Network Overdrive deployed the WC7520 wireless controller and twelve (12) WNDAP360 wireless access points.  These solutions provided continuous secure, full coverage throughout the entire hospital.

The Netgear solution is a proven champion, providing a viable and cost-effective solution for regional hospitals throughout Victoria and across Australia that need secure wireless solutions that allow healthcare workers to provide their patients with excellent care.

Network Overdrive continues to serve the needs of its regional hospital client providing 24/7 help desk services, fully managed computer support and technology services for a blend of seven (7) virtual Microsoft Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 servers running VMWare, which provides SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory services to users on the network.

In addition to the day-to-day support, as of 1 July, Network Overdrive aided in the network relocation of the hospital’s entire administrative staff to a new building and provided point-to-point VPN services that allow connectivity to the hospital’s operational network.

Network Overdrive provided computer and network support services to regional hospitals throughout Melbourne and Victoria Australia.  Based in Melbourne, Network Overdrive provides fully outsourced IT services, 24 hour help desk services and a wide variety of IT consulting services.

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