The Techceptance Journey: From Denial to Nirvana

workers, computer, technology, teamwork The path towards on-boarding new technology is as much a mental journey as it is a technical challenge. Moving from denying the value of new solutions to achieving empowerment and Techceptance is anything but easy. But what is Techceptance exactly? It may come as a surprise, but by reading this article, you’re experiencing a form of Techceptance. The very act of taking the time to read an article on technology shows that you accept the power new tech has over your life and your business. In other words, you recognise that you need to invest in new technology to grow as a modern enterprise.

Techceptance: The Journey to Tech Acceptance

It is no secret that adopting new technology is a tumultuous process. New technology disrupts established operations and changes the day-to-day reality of business dramatically. When on-boarding new tech, there are four stages an enterprise must go through before reaching Techceptance; Denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. While battling through these stages can be a test of willpower, completing the journey is a competitive necessity. In the digital age, any company that uses technology to do business is a tech company by default. Every company that exists today is a tech company; it doesn’t matter if you’re selling socks or pizzas because you’re still part of the digital economy.

Technological Investment is Paramount to Success

Putting your money where your mouth is and investing in your technology is an important step to enhance your business. Investing in the right solution can refine processes and deliver a substantial increase in your bottom line. Systematically building a complete IT strategy is a great way to drive long-term profitability. It is paramount that you know what technologies to invest in to get the most bang for your buck and thrive in the modern economy. Investing in new tech should be a hands-on process rather than something you outsource to a third party. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of handing over control of IT to someone else based on “expert advice.” Many technology experts and IT management firms urge companies to take a hands-off approach to new tech that can slow progress. These experts encourage companies to hand over control of their IT so that an expert can deal with the nuts and bolts. The truth is that outsourcing your IT management is a fantasy because your IT is part of your business, not someone else’s! The “leave it to the experts” approach may be good for the service provider’s business, but it’s not for most modern tech companies. To adopt new technology, you must discover solutions and integrate them into the operations inside your enterprise.

The Right Way to Invest in New Technology

Picking which technology to put your money behind is one of the biggest sticking points companies face. Many CEOs struggle to find the right technology to invest in because there are so many options to choose from, like cloud computing, AI, and automation. Just knowing where to start is extremely difficult. Furthermore, the technicalities and strategy of adopting new technology is a nightmare. The hassle of on-boarding new solutions leads many CEOs to take a “leave it to the experts” attitude to IT. Nine out of ten times this means leaving IT management to CIO’s, IT departments, and managed service providers to move forward. However, there is a more effective way to invest in and nurture new technology; the Techceptance Initiative. The Techceptance Initiative provides the senior management of a business with the next steps towards achieving their IT strategies. Enterprises can use the Profit Stacks Framework to examine potential solutions and identify the IT actions that will drive profit. The Techceptance Initiative takes a scientific approach that companies can use to onboard new technology that brings results and actionable insights that will transform your business. A recent client of our Techceptance Initiative achieved a boost of $100,000 in profit in the first 12 months of engagement! Viewing IT investment through the lens of profit makes it much easier to choose what tools to adopt.

Use Techceptance to Kick-start a Tech Revolution 

Sometimes all it takes to kick start your Techceptance journey is a concrete plan. Stop listening to experts who tell you to outsource your IT management, take control, and start managing your IT yourself! Tools like the Profit Stacks Framework can help you to weigh up IT options, select the most profitable course of action, and transform into a better business. Taking the time to understand the real-time value of new technology (and the potential profit!) can be an ah-ha moment. Pinpointing a profitable IT action gives you a feeling of certainty and clarity that can only be called Tech Nirvana. Mapping out the road to business success turns digital transformation from a chore into an unprecedented opportunity. If you’d like to learn more about how to start your Techceptance journey, give us a call on 1300 368 928 or get in touch through our contact form.

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