June Newsletter | Malware Increase & Our New Unified Operation Centre

June Newsletter | Malware Increase & Our New Unified Operation Centre



Whether you are an owner or employee, it is likely that the end of financial year affects you in terms of reporting and planning. And then, of course, there are personal financial matters to attend to!

As you focus on the bottom-line, we too have been working hard to improve that number for you. The easiest way we can do that is by minimising the cost and risk of IT to your business.

In this financial year, the single biggest issue we have had to contend with is stopping organised crime from holding your businesses to ransom through malware that encrypts all your data!

We have had to deal with a number of vicious incidences that were only stopped through careful diligence to backup and security. Any one of them could have cost the associated business tens of thousands of dollars.

Try and factor that loss into your budgets!

We wrote about such risks in this article in October 2015 and unfortunately nothing has changed.

Once again we urge everyone to take care in the type of emails you open and websites you go to in your daily life.

Network Overdrive’s New Unified Operation Centre

One of the articles in this newsletter outlines our strategic decision to unify our security and data protection activities into the one unified operation centre. This will improve our remediation/resolution times when a security incident requires data recovery.

Another way we help businesses is by growing their revenue through technology-based solutions. We have a number of solutions to help customer service teams retain and acquire customers, and sales teams to remain agile and in front of opportunities. Much of this is through integrating phones with computers, mobility, and cloud-solutions. We run IT planning seminars to review your business and each of its departments to determine the best technology fit for your current and future business goals.

If we haven’t yet done so in your organisation please book in a session with us.

We are also sharing an article on Office365 for you to consider. Many of you may already be on Office365, however this platform is constantly changing with new features that may be of interest to you. Please let us know if you want our help to explore these features. Read more here.

Our responsive and friendly staff is available to minimise any frustration you’re having with your IT and help you increase productivity.

In our ongoing efforts to assist businesses, we offer a fixed price for IT support and management. The fixed price is our way of putting our money where our mouth is. We are focused on delivering results and not eating into your budgets. This allows us to work in true partnership with you.

To get a better picture of how a fixed price service is the best choice for your business, watch this video.

I have been thinking a lot lately about organisational technology debt. Many organisations put off investment into IT for a period of time, especially if they can’t see the immediate return. However, eventually a combination of frustration, productive loss and visible loss of revenue forces the company to make the required investment.

I wonder; what would our budgets look like if we included the technology debt we are avoiding? And what would the revenue and productive gains be if that technology debt were wiped?

Food for thought. There is an interesting article for CFO’s on tech debt here.

You can help shape Network Overdrive’s services

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