Network Overdrive, Finance

Profit Strategy 4: Better Informed Decision-Making
Profit Process: Finance Stack
Outcome: Stronger profitability

The Finance Stack provides a sharper insight into the current financial performance of each level of the business, enabling better informed decision-making.


  • Innovative automation of tailored financial reporting, forecasting, processes and work flows
  •  More efficient and accurate transfer of data, linking job costing, time-sheeting and invoicing through the incorporation of effective IT tools
  • On-time invoicing to minimise risk of cash-flow shortage debt
  • Improved cost controls
  • Efficient receivables and debt management
  • Updated systems to improve financial planning and forecasting, with access to historical data

Finance Stack Key Takeaway Points:

The Financial Stack identifies six distinct functions that can be maximised with a software to meet your company’s specific requirements. These functions are flexible and can be tailored to your business.

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