Executive Summary

Value is what propels your business forward but sometimes it gets lost in your processes. At Network Overdrive, we’ve created a framework that uncovers and utilizes this hidden value.

We’ve designed 5 Profit Stacks that give you an overview of how technology impacts each area of your business thus allowing you to make informed tech decisions. Each stack we’ve built addresses specific business needs to streamline the I.T. processes involved and ultimately, increase profitability.

Network Overdrive, Sales

The Sales Stack considers all activities related to external communications and customer acquisition, helping you reduce associated costs.  Benefits include increased qualified leads and sales conversions, enhanced industry profile, stronger customer relations management and reduced costs.

Network Overdrive, People

The People Stack covers internal communications, focusing on functions related to recruiting and supporting staff. This translates to improved employee rewards and motivation, systems that simplify performance management of KPIs, and enhanced ways of instating corporate culture.

Network Overdrive, Production

The Production Stack looks at the organisation stage between securing a project and delivering it, this ensures that people and information systems are running seamlessly side by side. This means reduced costs on service delivery, better logistical understanding of your business’ assets and resources, and improved teamwork.

Network Overdrive, Finance

The Finance Stack gives a sharp insight into your current financial performance, leading to better decision-making. This looks like improved cost controls, innovative automation of tailored financial reporting, and on-time invoicing throughout your business.

Network Overdrive, Service

The Structure Stack seeks to ensure your business is stabilised. It enhances your business’ competitive agility and accentuates your differentiation in the marketplace to attract more profitable business. This Stack moves you faster against market change and enables strategic planning.

To find out more about how we can unlock profitability and hidden value in your company, or to have your business assessed, please contact us on: 1300 368 298 or [email protected].

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