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Profit Strategy 5: Market Agility & Structural Efficiencies
Profit Process: Structure Stack
Outcomes: Move faster against market change, mitigate risk, reduce inefficiencies and operate strategically 

The activities covered by the Structure Stack are critical to ensuring your business is stabilised. This Stack enables you to develop a disruptive approach to product and service innovation to enhance your business’ competitive agility. Simultaneously, it seeks to address business continuity and long-term profitability by implementing risk management. To best manage your business’ growth and increasing revenue, it is important to have strong structural and administrative efficiencies. Finally, implementing strategic planning will align your business team and help build a stronger culture of accountability.


  • Minimises the impact of boom/bust cycles through recurring revenue streams
  • Improved market competitiveness through product and service innovation
  • Enhanced differentiation in your market space to attract more profitable business
  • Defined market insights, understanding of competitors and customer feedback to guide more focused innovation
  • Updated, targeted software protects your business’ data and finances from criminal and negligent actions
  • Clear and improved process to ensure business stability in the event of unexpected circumstances
  • Increased growth capacity through innovation and automation
  • Automated data entry tasks to achieve seamless workflow and ensure staff have greater mobility to deliver more valuable objectives

Structure Stack Key Takeaway Points:


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