Ocean Internet

Ocean Internet

As one of Melbourne’s premier Internet Service Providers for business, Ocean Internet wanted to research all available Ecommerce solutions that were available to them. They contracted Network Overdrive to advise them on the business viability of implementing a real-time credit card gateway.

Contact: Suzana – ISP Manager of Ocean Internet.


Ocean Internet is a premium ISP serving the Melbourne Business Market. It offers extensive database and web hosting services that are utilised by many large corporations of Australia.


Ocean Internet was unsure of their position in the Ecommerce market. Many of their customers had shopping facilities but at the moment did not offer real-time credit card transactions. Ocean Internet wanted to know whether they should contact a third-party or develop their own credit card gateway into the bank network.


Network Overdrive complied a report that surveyed the market and informed the Directors of the various options available to the company. Network Overdrive was then commissioned to further scope the effort involved Ocean building their own gateway.

Based on this information Ocean decided that a third-party option was more viable than a customised solution.


Network Overdrive provide Ocean with the information to make an informed business decision that saved them tens of thousands of dollars.

Network Overdrive skilled analysts continued to present the real business case for any technology venture without any romantic notions.


Network Overdrive provided the research and consultantation to enable Ocean Internet to make an informed decision. Ocean Internet did not have the time nor experience to complete this task internally and saved themselves thousands of dollars by outsourcing the project.


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