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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Australia
Business Internet and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Service
Business Internet: Connected like never before

Meet EFM, a truly cost effective symmetrical and uncontended Broadband Ethernet service capable of delivering up to 10Mbps.

Available in hundreds of exchanges across Australia and connected to our national MPLS backbone, EFM can provide your business with superior network performance and reliability. It has been purpose-built to carry your Voice, Video, and a variety of mission critical Data applications, and supports end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) parameters across your Wide Area Network (WAN).

What can I do with EFM?

  • Reduce your access costs by up to 70% (compared to SHDSL or Fiber). Get up to 10Mbps bandwidth via our proven Access Tail technology.
  • Boost business application performance and improve response times.
  • Take advantage of IP video conferencing to improve communication and reduce travel expenses.
  • EFM can become the platform for delivering advance IP networks

How does it work?

Network Overdrive's EFM is provisioned over multiple copper pairs to your premises. A Network Overdrive NTU provides handoff to your equipment on an industry standard Ethernet interface. Multiple services such as Virtual Private Network and Internet can be delivered simultaneously.

Network Overdrive's EFM service provides excellent resilience ? should a copper pair be damaged communications should still occur via the remaining pairs.

What are the advantages of EFM?

  • Provisioning on existing copper pairs results in faster deployment
  • Single Ethernet Interface
  • Speeds up to 10Mbps upstream & downstream
  • Unlimited and uncontended access tail for use in Private Network for Internet
  • Business Grade - voice capable Industry Leading SLA?s with 99.9% Availability

What speeds can I expect from EFM?

We can deliver up to 10 Mbit symmetrical over 4-wires and 20 Mbit or more over 8-wires. The actual speed depends on your distance from the exchange as EFM's Speed Capability drops the further away from the Exchange you are located.