Network Overdrive’s global service desk ensures that your international expansions and overseas operations run smoothly and are fully supported.

Our experience in Asia and other parts of the world gives us an understanding of what is required to meet local IT standards. As a multilingual and multi-time zone IT service, Network Overdrive offers desktop and verbal support to your staff anywhere in the world. Let us support your international offices with local numbers, local onsite support in major locations (if required), and local hardware/telco management services.

By managing and controlling IT locally, we ensure global network optimisation and management to a central infrastructure while maintaining clear reporting to your head office in Australia. Billings to head office or a regional branch are also available in AUD or the local currency.

Benefits of our Global Service Desk

Network Overdrive, it managed services

Regional implementation of the Profit Stacks Framework

Network Overdrive, it managed services, cloud computing

Service managed and controlled in Australia

Clear reporting to your Australian head office

Network Overdrive, it managed services, contact

Multi Lingual AND Multi-Time Zone Support

Network Overdrive, it managed services

Use of local vendors and onsite support around the world

Network Overdrive, it managed services, compliance

Billable in either AUD or local currency

Network Overdrive, internet access

Global Network Optimisation

Network Overdrive, it managed services, hosted email services

Management to Central Infrastructure

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