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Regardless of the size of your business, you want to be assured of the security of your computers and networks. The Network Overdrive team can ensure your business has around the clock firewall and virus protection, guaranteeing your network is free from intrusion, spyware and hackers 24/7.

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Many small business owners feel safe from attack, mistakenly thinking hackers only target large corporations. The fact is that many cybercriminals see smaller businesses as ideal targets due to their minimal security measures, and often use those smaller businesses to gain access to the networks of larger companies.

Security at all levels of IT is vital to ensure you aren’t seen as an easy target. It isn’t something you want to address once your systems have been compromised. Network Overdrive can assist, with integrated firewalls, network and desktop security solutions, virus protection, spam filtering, adware, spyware protection and much more services in Melbourne, Australia.

Business Security Facts:

  • Yes, you will be attacked, even though you’re small
  • In fact, small businesses are attacked more than enterprises due to their lower security budgets and expertise, both of which equate to greater vulnerability.
  • Cybercriminals gain access to larger corporations through small business networks.
  • Security must be integral, not an afterthought.
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) is no longer enough.
  • Wired & Wireless need common security policy.
  • Partnering with Network Overdrive means:

    • Installation and integration of firewall into the network
    • 24/7 Protection, Monitoring and Threat Response of all access points to your network, offering complete security from outside threats
    • Endpoint Security anti-virus protection safeguards your network from viruses, worms, and other malicious code threats
    • Spam protection through message and e-mail filtering
    • Dedicated Security Team
    • Onsite support as needed
    • Integrated Security with Business Focus

Browse our Network And Desktop Security Solutions, Melbourne, Australia services:

  • Unified Security Operations Centre

    A dedicated 24/7/365 Unified Security Operations Centre (UOC/SOC)

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  • Authentication as a Service

    Stop wrestling with sticky notes, spreadsheets or personal password managers and start using a system designed for business.

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  • Compliance

    PCI DSS Assessment, Remediation & Compliance Services

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  • Fortinet

    Security Solutions for the SME community. Network Overdrive understands the increasing threats faced by the small and medium-sized businesses and what to do about it to ensure complete security.

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