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I.T. Managed Services

Comprehensive support solutions

Versatile and innovative I.T. systems for growing businesses

The Network Overdrive team offer high-level consulting and technical support to mid-sized and growing enterprises throughout Australia. From day-to-day running of operations through to long term strategies, our technical professionals ensure your I.T. is efficient, secure and up-to-date at all times.

Partnering with Network Overdrive means:

  • Fast and friendly onsite and phone I.T. support
  • Fixed priced agreements for I.T. infrastructure management
  • Professional and ethical advice
  • Business orientated I.T. outcomes

Browse our I.T. Managed Services:

  • Strategic Alignment of I.T.

    Where I.T. services meets sustainable business goals.

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  • Service Desk Support

    Standard 9 hours x 5 days customer support for your peace of mind.

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  • Hardware & Software Management

    Complete system management – predictable, fast, flexible and efficient.

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  • Vendor Management

    A range of prompt services, including hardware replacement/repair.

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  • Software Deployment and Support

    Fully tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

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  • Healthcare IT Support

    I.T. services expertly matched to the healthcare industry.

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  • Internet Access and Voice Management

    Reliable, dependable systems backed up by on-the-ball support

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  • Messaging and Email Services

    Communication done right

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  • Network Monitoring and Remediation

    We keep our eyes on the ball

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  • Solutions for Business Owners

    Outsourcing your I.T. support, maintenance, monitoring and ongoing strategic direction to a service provider allows you to concentrate efforts on your core competences and focus on growing your business, allowing our experts to cover the rest.

  • Solutions for I.T. Managers

    Our I.T. support services can not only act as a replacement to internal I.T. departments, we can enhance and strengthen them. Working in tandem with internal I.T. departments we maintain and enrich operations with day-to-day I.T. support and services.

  • Solutions for I.T. Users

    Get to speak to a real human who can sympathetically deal with your I.T. frustrations and let you get on with your work, keeping both your manager and your customers happy. From fixing slow computers to stopping viruses, we are here to give support that is both fast and friendly.

  • Solutions to Manage Computers

    In addition to advising on the most cost-effective hardware options and supporting installing and updating of software, our experts work proactively to prevent unplanned downtime and quickly repair your networks in the event of damage.

When should you switch Managed Service Providers? When you hit the glass ceiling.