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Cloud Computing Services Melbourne, Australia

Discover the power of cloud technology

Cloud Computing Solutions for all Business Sizes

More and more businesses are looking to the cloud for their data storage needs. Network Overdrive's committed team of trained professionals can set your business, large or small, up with the right cloud storage solutions.

Browse our Cloud Computing Services:

  • Data Backup and Recovery

    Safe and secure data services for peace of mind.

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  • Hosted Email Web Services

    Australian web hosting for businesses with big dreams.

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  • Office 365 Migration

    We can help if your business is planning a migration to the cloud.

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  • Private Cloud Computing

    Your data cloud centre, amplified with the help of our experts.

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  • Sync Overdrive

    Sync important data across multiple platforms, while keeping security a top priority.

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  • Solutions for Business Owners

    We deliver technology and services to facilitate greater business success. It's that simple.

    Australian businesses rely on computers, networks, and other information technology solutions to compete in the local market, across Australia and even on the global stage.

    With a trusted team of professionally trained I.T. analysts and system engineers ready to help take care of your complex technology environments, utilising Network Overdrive makes business a breeze.

    We provide business IT Support solutions in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia for businesses of all sizes; small, medium and large, to help you succeed.

  • Solutions for I.T. Managers

    We make your job easier.

    We work with I.T. Managers throughout Australia and deliver a diverse range of technology and IT support services in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia.

    When you partner with us, you can be assured that all your I.T. projects remain on track, you have the necessary staff to fill gaps in your workforce and you have a trusted resource for technology advice.

  • Solutions for I.T. Users

    Experienced I.T. professionals and exceptional customer service.

    Our wide range of personalised computer networking services enables us to work with businesses from every Australian corner.

    Our clients tell us that it is our personal service they enjoy the most while the depth of our skills is something they've come to rely on in their day to work lives.

  • Solutions to Manage Computers

    We're here to help with your every computer issue.

    Your computer network is the lifeline of your business. Computers have to run efficiently and should never break down. But that's unrealistic - everything breaks down eventually. So, until someone makes an indestructible computer, you'll just have to rely on the help of skilled computer experts.

    Network Overdrive understands the important role computer systems play in your day-to-day business activities. That's why we have put together one of the top support systems. We provide business computer support in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and throughout Australia.

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What our partners say

As financial planners we are big advocates of reviewing our clients situation on a regular basis and are consistently able to add great value to them in doing so. Likewise, with regards to our IT systems, we have recently moved onto an ongoing service agreement with Network Overdrive and have been benefiting from the value added to our business through proactive management of our systems including disaster recovery planning, server and computer performance reports, regular on site visits, maintenance of systems, IT planning and more.

One of the biggest value adds for us in this move to an ongoing service agreement with Network Overdrive has been the way in which all staff now deal directly with NetOD’s support team instead of first referring IT issues to an internal IT Manager.

This has had the effect of significantly reducing the internal effort and time spent managing our IT systems and reacting to IT related problems. This enables us to focus on what we’re good at – helping our clients make smart decisions about their money and personal affairs!

Scott Mitton

RI Advice Group Pty Ltd