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Network Security Management, Australia
Security Enhancement and Control
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Protecting your business assets and complying with regulatory requirements is an I.T. must. Depending on your business applications requirements, we find the perfect security and performance solutions while ensuring scalability to support your continually evolving network environment.

This may include; integrated firewalls, network and desktop security solutions, virus protection, spam filtering, adware, spyware protection and much more.

Boundary protection at your site

To resolve your issues, Network Overdrive may need to use an existing internet data connection for access from your site to the Network Overdrive NOC, and to ensure your security a local firewall (which Network Overdrive can provide and install) is required onsite.

What you can expect:

  • Installation and integration of firewall into the network
  • Maintenance of consistent firewall protection 24x7
  • Updates of software and firmware, and hardware maintenance on firewall and maintenance of the security rule base
  • Regular reviews of event logs to ensure proper operation of the firewall, and investigation of attempted breaches or other security threats
  • Maintenance of all mission critical infrastructure components in a secure facility with appropriate environmental management controls.
  • Limiting of hosting facility access to only essential Network Overdrive personnel.

Virus defence

Endpoint Security Anti-virus protection is provided to safeguard your network from viruses, worms, and other malicious code threats that can arrive through multiple entry points. Protection is provided for email, web downloads and file-sharing. The Endpoint security software integrates alerts and reports into the overall management system for your network, to allow better response and remediation of security threats.

What you can expect:

  • Installation of Endpoint Security and any other appropriate anti-virus software at the workstation, server, and boundary level
  • Regular scanning and cleaning of all files (including e-mail attachments) for harmful viruses
  • Infected file removal and quarantining for automatic reporting back to the virus database
  • Re-installation of any application/operating system software that is unrecoverable due to infection (assuming licenses are available)
  • Updates of all virus databases and engine files on workstation, servers, and Internet mail relays without your intervention. Remote users connecting to the network via a VPN session must allow regular automatic updates to the virus database files
  • Quarantining of infected files when detected and removal as necessary
  • Roll-back of the operating system where required following virus infection
  • Informing recipients of undeliverable mail where a security threat or invasive attachment is found. Advising on source of infection and quarantined files
  • Locking down of your security configurations so that end-users cannot alter or disable their antivirus software

Spam protection

Message Filtering Service and E-Mail Filtering is provided to give an enhanced email protection service that provides each user with a Message Centre where spam and viruses are filtered and quarantined before they are processed through your mail server. This service is available as an option for your entire organisation and is highly recommended.

What you can expect:

  • Setup of the Message Filtering Service for designated users
  • Provision of any required updates from Message Filtering Service
  • Processing of legitimate email messages to the user email inbox, and routing of designated spam email and virus-infected email to a Message Centre that users can access directly.
  • Full administration and management of Message Filtering Service for the end user to adjust filtering levels as needed