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Network Performance Management & Monitoring
Network Performance Management
Visualize and monitor your network in the one place

Your network is the lifeblood of your business. Now you can collect and monitor all your key performance indicators with our zero administration Network Performance Management Server. You will gain complete and real-time visibility into your I.T. infrastructure, so you always know what’s what.

Please contact us to arrange a demo of our product or browse our customised network performance monitoring services below:

Basic Service

  • Real-time Network Performance Management through a simple, cloud-based hosted service.
  • Active bandwidth monitoring and end to end QoS verification.
  • True end to end performance insight to any IP address over LANs, WANs, VPNs.
  • Internet Advanced diagnostics identify dozens of network faults and configuration issues.

AppView Module

  • Active application performance monitoring.
  • Pre-assess networks using live VoIP traffic without investing in or deploying any VoIP hardware.
  • Stress-test networks over days or weeks to identify issues caused by periodic or infrequent activities.
  • Generate traffic that matches the exact port, protocol and behaviour of major VoIP codecs.

AppView Web

  • Active application performance monitoring.
  • Continuously monitor the performance and uptime of any web site from the perspective that matters most, your offices and customers.
  • Analyze HTTP/S and DNS to determine the cause of poor performance, identifying exactly how fast a network can deliver web traffic and compare against live web traffic.
  • Works against internal and external web servers, including third party web sites with no modification.


  • Simple, secure and affordable remote packet capture for use with WireShark TM or other analysis tools.
  • Trigger packet captures remotely, create recurring scheduled captures or automatically capture packets on SLA violation.
  • Complete end to end security with 256 bit AES encryption and SSL-tunnel upload and download.
  • WireShark TM compatible filter syntax and compressed file format; no need to learn new tools or syntax.


  • Automated remote site traffic & flow analysis.
  • Easy, cost effective method of generating and analysing flow information from any remote location.
  • Full visibility independent of existing network hardware at remote site.
  • Seamless integration with complete PathView Cloud capabilities including active network analysis, application performance monitoring and packet capture.