Messaging and Email Services

Communication done right

To ensure that your business runs smoothly 24/7 you will need to have the right communications systems. We make it easy for businesses to connect and communicate quickly and efficiently – internally and externally. Whatever you require, we expertly tailor solutions to meet your needs.

Messaging and Emailing

Our clients are provided with fully managed messaging solutions using the Microsoft Exchange platform. Microsoft Exchange is hosted either on your site, on one central site (if multiple offices are being served by one Exchange server or hosted using Office365) or at the Network Overdrive’s Network Operations Centre.

What you can expect:
  • Migration of mailboxes from your existing Exchange environment (when applicable)
  • Mailbox administration (including management of global account list and distribution lists)
  • Management of mailbox policies
  • Integration of Microsoft Exchange into the Microsoft Active Directory to create an enterprise directory
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows security to enable one security model to serve both Windows and Exchange
  • Provision of email content filtering for virus protection and basic spam filtering
  • Support for users requiring multiple e-mail aliases
  • Creation of Outlook Web Access (OWA) accounts for any users specified by your Point of Contact
  • Configuration and setup of the Outlook client on the user’s workstation
  • Rapid response to system issues and detected faults as they arise
  • Routine Exchange administration

MS Exchange Management

Our MS Exchange Management service includes monitoring to ensure that all dependent services and components necessary for the operation of the system are operating within normal thresholds. In the event of a failure, we provide the necessary alert notifications.

What you can expect:
  • Exchange Information Store (Microsoft Exchange Information Storage management)
  • Exchange MTA Stacks (provides Microsoft Exchange X.400 services)
  • Exchange Routing Engine (Microsoft Exchange routing information processor)
  • Exchange System Attendant (System-related services for Microsoft Exchange)
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
  • Web Publishing Service (Web connectivity and administration through the Internet Information Services snap-in)
  • Available virtual memory
  • SMTP queue growth
  • Exchange and Windows 2010 service (Various services running on the Exchange server)
  • X.400 queue growth

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