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Rotors and Drums

Rotors and Drums is Australia’s second largest distributor of rotors and drums for cars. As their business was rapidly expanding into others states of Australia, they wanted their remote offices to continue to access their centralised inventory and sales database reliably and securely.

Contact: Les Smith - owner of Rotors & Drums.


Rotor & Drums is Australia’s second largest distributor of brake components to the auto repair industry. They have experience rapid growth in the last year to expand their Melbourne operations to Sydney and Brisbane.


Les wanted all the remote staff to access the company’s sales and inventory system in Melbourne. The solution had to be easy for non-technical staff to using, safe and reliable. It also had to enable to staff to print their invoices from printers installed at each remote site.


Network Overdrive proposed a Linux base internet server in each warehouse with the Secure Shell (ssh) application to connect to the Melbourne office. Remote printing was enabled through terminal emulation control strings.